Faucet Awards

A faucet is a website that gives for free a really small amount of crypto every time period
Here you can find a list of the best crypto faucets in the web, constantly updated
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Freebitcoin Website

Born in 2014, safest crypto faucet. Can win till 200 usd every hour. Dice with 5% fee

4-10 sat 1 hour
guarantee ok

999dice Website

Born in 2014, chat rain, crypto faucet, fair dice with just 0.1% fee.

~1sat 5 minutes
guarantee ok

Continply Website

Rececntly born, working good. Good profits and payments ontime

5sat 1 hour
guarantee ok

MGTC Exchange

Not really a faucet, but a new exchange, that gives rewards every day for login. Register and go to -> community rewards. WS is still under review.

0.5 TRTL (~1000sat) 1 day
guarantee ok


Rececntly born, they don't pay when you reach witdrawal limit (WL)



Faucet disappear with no advice. Changed project on same website.

0.00001 BNB 5min